Summer group guitar

This page is for students and parents who are currently enrolled in our summer guitar program. On this page you will find assignments for the current week, practice tracks, and information about the performance.

Summer guitar classes meet on Mondays and Thursdays at David M. Cox during the month of June. Thursday the 27th is our final class for the summer. Students will perform for family and friends at 11:30.

Next classes are: 6/27/19

Beginning guitar practice:

1. Down in the Valley https://youtu.be/G9U_fH1T0vU

2. This Old Man https://youtu.be/KIjTcfBpCjU

3. Achy Breaky Heart

4. Rock Around the Clock

5. Paperback Writer

Jammin' June:

1. Achy Breaky Heart (A and E chords) https://youtu.be/6Bju-AaqNQ8

2. Rock Around the Clock

3. Paperback Writer

4. Believer

5. Eye of the Tiger

6. T. N. T.

Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus
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Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley and the Comets
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Believer in Am - Imagine Dragons
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Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
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Paperback Writer - The Beatles
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