Jim's Picks: Guitar Picks I Use

My choice of guitar picks are usually Dunlop brand picks. There are three main types of picks that I use depending on the need and what kind of guitar I am playing. 

On acoustic guitar I like the Dunlop gel picks or the Classic Celluloid It is usually a heavy or a medium gauge depending on the song. I use a medium when I want the part to sound a little brighter. I use the heavy when I want to emphasize the lower notes more.

The pick I use most often for electric guitar playing is the Dunlop Jazz III (Carbon Fiber Max-Grip). This pick is good for riffs and soloing. The Jazz III is very rigid and has a sharp point. For songs that include more strumming, I go for a more traditional shape. I go for the heavy gauge when playing live. For recording I may grab a medium depending on the sound I am looking for. I use metal picks on occasion for another effect. I like these for particular songs to try and sound more like the original artist. They are also wonderful for pick

slides. I would use them more if they weren’t so rough on the strings. I love the sound, but I change my strings often enough as it is. So, I employ the metal picks sparingly. Be careful with these as they can scratch up your guitar quite easily!

These are my current picks for guitar picks, but I may have more recommendations in the future.

In the meantime, tell me what kinds of picks you recommend. 

I love feedback,


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