My Policies

These are my current policies as they pertain to private students. I may make updates and improvements from time to time without notice.

Lessons are to be paid on a month to month basis. Payments are due at the beginning of the month. Fees can be given at the time of the lesson for in person students. I will send invoices approximately one week before each month via email. You can also pay online when you book your lessons from my web site.

Rescheduling Lessons
Let me know as soon as possible via text if a conflict arrises with your regular lesson time. I will be happy to work out another day and/or time that week. If we cannot work out another lesson in the same week, I can also extend the next lesson or two to make up the time.

I understand that illnesses happen, and various unforeseen situations come up. I am here to work with you as best that I am able. Late cancellations on a regular basis are unacceptable and will result in you forfeiting the time slot.

Cancelling Lessons
Let me know if you have a week or two that you are unable to have a lesson (for vacations and other planned events). I can adjust the tuition for that month if I have enough advanced notice.  

I am available most holidays for lessons. Let me know if you would rather skip lessons on holidays such as Labor Day to be with family. I will adjust the monthly invoice if I know before hand.  

I offer the same courtesies to you in the unlikely event that I need to reschedule or cancel a lesson. In over 20 years of teaching I have had to do this very seldom. I will let you know via phone call, text or email if I do need to reschedule a lesson depending on the situation.