I Offer Different Types of Lessons

Private Lessons

This is one on one guitar instruction. Lessons are usually at my home studio in the Green Valley area of Henderson Nevada. I also give lessons via Skype. They are tailored to the student's needs, and to what they want to be able to play. In a typical lesson, 10 or 15 minutes may be spent on some basics like chords, note reading, or scales. The rest of the time would include learning a song such as the theme from "Star Wars," an AC/DC song, or a Michael Jackson song. This is only a general example and of course depends on the age, ability, and desire of the student.

Current pricing is $25 for a 30 minute lesson. See my lesson policies.

You can book your lessons to reserve your time slot or contact me for more available time slots.

Group Classes

These are before or after school classes that I teach at some schools around the valley. Group classes are great for students to learn how to play with others. They are a cost effective way for students to try out the guitar and see how they like it. Students will learn more in a private lesson, because the pace is determined by their specific needs. Even so, there are many benefits that group classes offer. Several students participate in group classes in addition to taking private lessons. Group classes are mostly for students who attend the school where I teach.


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I work well with kids. I have been teaching children since I began giving guitar lessons. My major in college was music education for grades K-12. Most of my teaching in the schools has been at the elementary level including K-5th grade. In 2021, I began teaching at The School of Rock in Las Vegas. There I work with students ages 7 and up.