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Group Guitar Classes During the Pandemic

In response to the current pandemic, we are offering group classes with new considerations to the health and safety of all in attendance.  We are offering both in-person and virtual classes. In-person classes are given in a dedicated space in our home. Virtual classes are conducted via Google Meet. We want to give your child an experience that is fun, promotes learning, and provides a creative outlet.

How it Works and Keeping Safe

As we usually have during the school year, we are offering classes in sessions.
Each session includes ten classes for one small fee. There is an additional fee if students wish to
rent a guitar for the ten classes.

For in-person classes, we will follow these guidelines based on suggestions from the CDC and NV DOE.

* Classes are limited to 7 students with 6 feet of social distancing

* Students and teachers are required to wear masks

* All surfaces that students are in contact with are disinfected after each class.

* Hand sanitizer is given prior to entry

* Ventilation is provided through open windows rather than circulated air during the class.

* Body temperature checks via contactless thermometer will be taken prior to entry

* Parents will not be allowed to attend the class

What Are the Fees

Each ten week session of guitar classes - $100.00
Each session of guitar rental - $20.00

Why Pick Guitar
Health Benefits

Playing a musical instrument utilizes several muscle groups,
improves fine motor skills, relieves stress, and promotes happiness.

Analytical Thinking

Music helps develop cognitive skills, problem solving abilities,
creativity and innovation.

Social and Life Skills

Music teaches students to be 21st century learners,
collaborate with others, experience other cultures, and self-discipline.

Life-long Learning

Playing a musical instrument is for all ages,
and can be enjoyed throughout a person’s lifetime.
It is also an activity that family members can delight in together.

Supports STEM Education

Guitar classes have many connections to other subjects
such as counting and division, acoustics, and ever increasing use of technology.