Group Guitar Classes

A guitar program offers community enrichment for parents and students. Students get to experience an activity that is fun, promotes learning, and provides a creative outlet.The program also provides opportunities for public performance at a variety of events.This could include playing for parents and family, other school sponsored events,and businesses in the community.

How it Works and What's Included

Typically, we offer four sessions of guitar classes each school year.
Each session includes eight classes for one small fee. There is an additional fee if students wish to
rent a guitar for the eight classes. This provides a cost effective way for kids to try the guitar without
making a major commitment.

We offer different classes based on abilities. Students begin with the very basics and work their way
up to learning songs and melodies from various genres. In all, our curriculum includes several
traditional songs like “Yankee Doodle” and “Skip To My Lou.” It includes many popular songs from
groups like The Beatles, Taylor Swift, and Imagine Dragons. Also, there are favorites like melodies
from Star Wars, sporting events, and much more.We also have a video channel dedicated to our
guitar classes. The videos demonstrate skills and songs that we learn in class. That way, students can
have a refresher on what they learned, and have some guided practice at home. Many parents use
the channel to practice and learn with their child.

What Are the Fees

Each eight week session of guitar classes - $100.00
Each session of guitar rental - $20.00

Why Pick Guitar
Health Benefits

Playing a musical instrument utilizes several muscle groups,
improves fine motor skills, relieves stress, and promotes happiness.

Analytical Thinking

Music helps develop cognitive skills, problem solving abilities,
creativity and innovation.

Social and Life Skills

Music teaches students to be 21st century learners,
collaborate with others, experience other cultures, and self-discipline.

Life-long Learning

Playing a musical instrument is for all ages,
and can be enjoyed throughout a person’s lifetime.
It is also an activity that family members can delight in together.

Supports STEM Education

Guitar classes have many connections to other subjects
such as counting and division, acoustics, and ever increasing use of technology.